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Attention… all non-technical women and non-technical men!

You’re going to be driving for the rest of your life, and that means you’re going to need someone to repair your cars for the rest of your life. And because cars keep getting more complex, unless you become a mechanic yourself, you’re going to need, first and foremost, a mechanic you can trust… for the rest of your life. Alex Saldana is that man! You can trust both his epic mechanical skills and his integrity to treat you even better than right. Even if he doesn’t know you, it’s been my experience that Alex will treat you better than any other mechanic you will find anywhere else.

Several years ago Alex was a stranger I met through a small ad he placed in a local publication. He immediately became my friend when I watched the quality of the work he did on my car and the low amount he charged. Soon after that Alex became a member of my family even though I haven’t told him yet. Why? Because Alex treated me as well as any family member would. So he earned that place of honor in my life through repeated actions that demonstrated his skill and integrity. Alex treated me like family so he is family. He’s a shining example of how the world could be and how we could treat each other… and he’s already up to number four on my Christmas gift list ;>)

It’s Alex’s job to take care of our cars better than anyone else and to give us complete peace of mind in that department… even bragging rights when we talk to others! In return, It’s my job (our job) to tell everyone who has a car how good he is… that’s my/our part of our symbiotic relationship where we take care of each other.

Why/how does Alex keep his prices so low and still make a living? First, Alex runs a small, efficient and extremely clean shop equipped with the best tools of his trade. He invests heavily in technology and reaps the rewards in saved time. He has friendly, hardworking people who work with him who care about customers like he does. They are actually his friends or family and their skill and work ethic adds to the value his team provides.

Second, I’ve never seen Alex make a mistake, so he gets the job done right the first time. Is Alex perfect? Probably not… but he has a perfect record in my experience. And because he’s so good he can actually get a job done faster than other good mechanics. He also isn’t greedy… he could easily charge more and still be priced less than his competition. But instead, when sharing what could be profit, he takes just what he needs and passes the bulk of the savings to his customers. And because of all that he has practically no advertising costs… he’s so good to all his customers we all sing his praises so he doesn’t have to.

Price? That’s the easiest part of your choosing your mechanic. As long as you stayed awake in math class long enough to know how to identify the smallest of a bunch of numbers/prices then you know enough to compare Alex’s prices with those from others. I don’t know if Alex offers the lowest price for comparable work every time. But I can tell you that he’s always had the best prices for the work I’ve needed done… both major and small jobs. So I highly recommend that you call or visit him after you’ve gotten all the quotes you want from others so you can see for yourself. Although Red Line Transmission Inc.¬†specializes in both wholesale and retail transmission repair, Alex and his crew actually do anything mechanical or electrical your car might need.

If I haven’t convinced you to give Alex a chance to earn your business then I’ve somehow failed in what I intended. If that’s the case, please give Alex a call, ask him for my phone number or email address, and give me a chance to talk with you directly

Vern Goldsmith

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